Quick Ways How to Print a Photos Directly Off a Camera

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Although digital photo data is widely used to update in social media, the print photo is also re-interested. Moreover, now the result of photography is commonly used in many kinds of decoration, like wedding decoration, birthday party decoration, or bridal shower decoration, etc.

You need to download the photos to the computer first before you print the pictures from a digital camera. But nowadays, many kinds of cameras allow you to print photos directly from the camera, either wirelessly or using the USB cable. This can be a handy option, but how to print photos directly from a camera?

How to Print a Picture Directly Off a Camera

Connect Your Camera to the Printer

To print photos directly off the camera, you may need special software to connect the printer and camera. But the newest version of the camera is already allowing you to print directly without any software required. However, you need to check the camera’s guide to determine the limit and to know the steps that can be done to do the direct printing.

Start with the Camera Off

Before connecting the camera to the printer, make sure that you’ve turned off the camera. Just turn on the camera after the USB cable successfully connects the printer and camera. It can minimize the possibility of any problem appear that could damage the data in your camera during device synchronization process. Also, it’s better to connect the USB cable directly to the printer, rather than to a USB hub that connects to the printer.

Try to Use PictBridge

What is PictBridge? PictBridge is an international technology standard that use to print images from the memory card of a digital camera directly to a printer, without using a computer. It is a standard software package that’s built into some cameras. If your camera is support for PictBridge, it should display automatically on the menu on the LCD screen as soon as you connect to the printer.

It gives you several options for adjusting after the PictBridge digital camera is connected to a compatible printer, the print option will appear on the camera’s LCD. Then you can change the setting, such as print size, layout, media type and print date also you can set the number of copies to print.

Is your device PictBridge compatible? To see whether the camera or printer is PictBridge perfect, search for the PictBridge logo on the bundling or check the manual for every determination.

Check the USB Cable Type

While connecting to the printer over a USB cable, make sure that you have got the right type of cable. Most of the camera makes use of a smaller than regular USB connector, such as Mini-B. Because a hassle of seeking to print directly from the camera through the USB cable, the less digital camera makers are which include USB cables as part of the camera kit.

That means you’ll either have to borrow a USB cable from an older camera or purchase a new one separate from the digital camera kit.

Keep the AC Adapter Available

A lot of cameras come with rechargeable batteries, but don’t let you plug it into the wall for infinite power. In the event that you have an AC connector accessible for your camera, you might need to run the camera from a divider outlet, as opposed to a battery, while you are printing. In any case, on the off chance that you have printed from a battery, implies that your AC connector isn’t accessible, ensure that the battery is totally charged before you start to print since it will deplete the camera’s battery rapidly. However, it also depends on your type of camera. But, I believe that you don’t want the battery running low in the middle of a printing process.

Modifying the Image

One of the limitations of printing directly from the digital camera is you don’t have the choice of changing the image to fix problems. Some of the cameras do offer minor editing functions, so you may be capable of setting the little blemishes earlier before you are going to print the image. In case you are going to write a copy directly from the camera, without any editing, it’s better to publish them reasonably small. You can save the large print of the image on which you have enough time to do any right modifying image on your computer.

Making Use of WI-FI is Handy

Printing directly off a digital camera is turning into more straightforward and more accessible by using the wireless abilities which increasingly more cameras. The ability to connect to WI-FI network and connect to WI-FI printer without any USB cable requires is super handy. The means are comparative when you print with USB link. For whatever length of time that the printer is remotely associated with the WI-FI organize as the camera, you must have the capacity to compose specifically from the camera.

But, remember that you need a fully charged battery here. Almost all type of cameras will suffer a faster than expected battery drain when they’re connected to the WIFI network.

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