Best 10 Food Trucks And Most Popular Food in America

Paulding County is a beautiful location situated in North West Georgia. It is the first county in Georgia to be named a ‘certified county of ethics’; this is a huge deal for the county and its residents especially now that the food truck revolution is taking over.

Yes! You heard it right. Visit Paulding today and trust me, you won’t walk or drive more than 200 meters without seeing someone offering food in a little moving container.

In these trucks, you have everything from a burger to chicken and fries. There are also gourmet meals that include tacos, lobster meat, briskets and many more. All of these foods are decent quality and pretty affordable. This is why many food trucks keep popping up day in day out in the county because people love them.

So if lunchtime finds you around Paulding and its environs, then you can try any of the county’s top 10 famous food trucks which include;

1. Truck and Tap Woodstock

If you happen to be around or within Woodstock, then dear, the Truck, and Tap is one food truck you wouldn’t want to pass up. This is a truck that offers beer on tap and in bottles as well as a variety of cuisines for revelers.

The truck has an awesome vibe, the interiors and the staff there are just great. Plus, you won’t spend a fortune while here.

2. Tasting Maine

This is one of the most well-established food trucks in Paulding offering some of the best lobster rolls. These rolls are served in 4 ways the ‘Connecticut’ being the most popular among locals.

I must mention that while Tasting Maine’s food is not the cheapest you’ll find especially in a food truck (you can expect to pay around $15 for a roll), their food is one of the most ‘gourmet’ options as it has a reputation for exciting and variety of lobster rolls.

3.The Exotic Que

The Exotic Que food truck is a hard one to miss when driving along Cedarcrest area. Exotic Que offers the best barbeques compared to most other food establishments in Paulding, Truck or not.

The trucks barbeques often range from ribs, briskets, pulled pork or chicken. And although they don’t come at the lowest price (as expected of food trucks), these barbeques do fill your stomach with their extraordinary juiciness and deliciousness like no other.

4. El Don Taco is one of food truck that have most popular food in America

The El Don Taco food truck has lived up to the name of gourmet tacos. El Don makes fresh tacos with innovative ingredients. There above board operation ensures that diners enjoy a fun and healthy meal.

If you are in for some tasty and affordable tacos with some delicious vegetables and a variety of insides, then you’ve got to try the El Don Taco Truck along Bells Ferry Rd. in Woodstock.

Favorites at this food joint include fish taco with some white sauce, pasta taco, chicken quesadilla, burritos, and tortillas. And did I mention that these tacos are as little as 0.99 cents? Well, now I did.

5. Speakcheesy

Those who’ve had a chance to enjoy grilled cheese elsewhere must admit that they don’t compare to Hillary’s (the owner of Speak cheesy. She just brings out the best of grilled cheese. She doesn’t go overboard trying to be ‘swanky’ like most food truck chefs do, hers is just simple and very tasty.

6. C’est tout Bon 2 fat

C’est tout Bon 2 fat gives us the pinnacle of what simple Shrimp Poboy can be. Hitting every single point of the rating system, it is no wonder that this truck has launched itself into the hearts of its customers and most especially shrimp lovers.

Apart from their famous shrimp cuisines, you can choose to order some chicken salad sandwich and beignets or a Cajun burger, and you are all set to go. If you are a fan of spicy, try their savory jambalaya (a mixture of rice, red pepper, smoked sausage, shredded chicken, and spice) quite spicy but very delicious.

7. Happy Belly

How can you not be tempted to try out food from a truck named ‘Happy Belly’?

Serving healthy food alternatives something that is uncommon with food trucks, Happy Belly has a loyal following in the areas of Paulding.

If you feel like having a light, healthy meal, then try the Brussels for muscles (fried Brussels sprouts, Thai citrus chili sauce, and cilantro).

If you are hungry, then try the Boss hog or fries with garlic aioli. With plates going up to $30, I wouldn’t say that this is the most affordable food truck in Paulding.

8. MeatBallerz

This truck serves delicious meatballs. Fan favorites at Meatballerz include the spicy meatballs on pasta with garlic bread, Roma meatball sandwich, and garlic knots.

This is a truck that you won’t regret visiting, and the writings on the trucks indicate the same.

9. The French Truck

The French truck is solidly known for its crepes. It offers some the most delicious crepes that are both moist and spongy. And the best part is there are a variety of toppings to choose from. You can have blue and red crepe which has toppings of strawberry, blueberry, and whipped cream. You can also order a banana crepe with whipped peanut butter.

At slightly above $10, you can also get the special crepe with chicken, pesto, arugula, and cheese.

10. Catfish corner

If you want some excellent catfish at incredible prices, then you’ve got to find the Catfish corner. At this food truck, you will find one of Paulding’s best catfish – fresh, well bread and superbly seasoned.

There you have it! The 10 best food trucks in Paulding County, Georgia.

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