Welcome to my Blog, I share my views daily regarding Paulding County highlighting health and sociology aspect of this beautiful place. Why am I doing this?? Well Its Pretty simple. I love my being here. When I walk down the street across a grocery shop, I get to appreciate the well-presented and appealing foodstuff presented. I get to talk to friendly people and wait for that awaited Paulding County Mavericks match not just to watch it but to participate in the public barbecue cook off.

Paulding County has a unique society. People are friendly, hardworking and sociable. One thing I enjoy most is our farmers. We have a variety of farming activities that often go un-noticed. A few months back a bill was passed to prohibit resale of farm produce, this gave the farmers an upper hand in dealing with customers directly. Everyone was happy about this bill mostly the customers because it later offered fresh and healthy produce to them. It’s projected that this move should over time reduce the cases of Cancer occurrences.

I hope that by sharing honest opinions about this aspects Paulding county my readers will appreciate Paulding County just like I do and also highlight the best places to watch out for. Please join me in thie exciting journey.