united way of paulding county

by Jessica Watson

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How it all begun

Over Time, I took to blogging about my county after several years of traveling as a personal trainer and a fitness coach. It had just dawned on me that I enjoyed being within the confines of Paulding County, Every time I got a job out side the county I got reluctant. that's when i realized that if I wrote about my love for Paulding County then people will get to know more about the beauty that lies within. Join me as I share the best of Paulding County.


Farming Industry

One of the unique things about the health aspect of Paulding county is the availability of fresh produce. The country has been shedding light on processed food recently and this has given our farmers Leverage over competitors in the food industry.

duck hunting

Social Events

I spent some time with my husband who loved duck hunting. I was reluctant at first but the sights I saw made me enjoy my time. Beautiful Lakes and picnic spots to spend time with your friends.

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